exp_dif_payLancashire has done a large amount of work with girls and young women. Kate Clements ran the Girls Work Resource Unit in the County and we have scanned in many of the items she has brought to the achive which you can view below.

Here are a few of the items you can find inside box number 7 of the Archive. Remember, to visit the archive email us: feministwebs@yahoo.co.uk

Box 7 – Postcards

Postcard – And While You’re At It
Postcard – Harvesting Shellfish
Postcard – Three Wise Men
Postcard – Why the Hell Should We
Postcard from Gill to Kate
Postcard – do you want to go out?
Postcard – from Sandra to Helen
Postcard – images of a Movement 2
Postcard -ok who wants a wish
Postcard – one of those days
Postcard – PMT by Jacky Fleming
Postcard – Reindeer Conference
Postcard – Pay Difference
Postcard – Women & Turkeys Against Christmas
Postcard – Va ta ah, Fijian Princess


Box 7 – Posters

Girls Can Think, Play, Debate…

Girls Work Resource
Women’s Health Fair
Women’s Health Fair – page 3

Box 7 – Pamphlets

LCC – Girls Work Unit
LCC – Anti Sexist Youth Work – Working With Girls

Box 7 – Newsletters

Versus the Virus – Aids & HIV prevention in Lancashire_1992
The Staff Magazine of LCS – Lancaster Tile Mural Project
Girls’ Work Resource Unit – Winter-Spring ‘92 Newsletter
Girls’ Work Resource Unit – Autumn ‘92 Newsletter
Girls’ Work Resource Unit – August ‘91 Newsletter
Girls’ Work Resource Unit – 1st Newsletter 1990
Sharing the Challenge

Box 7 – Folders and Leaflets

This is Me – Art Project
Lancs County Council-Girls’ Work Resource Unit
Girls Work Resource Unit – Info on Gender Issues
Folder, 3 Parts – Girls’ Work Resource Unit
Folder – Training & Resource Unit, LYCS
LCC – Youth Work and Young Women 1986 – front cover
LCC – Youth Work and Young Women 1986 – contents

Box 7 – Training Info

Youth Service South Ribble – Girls Work
Youth Service South Ribble – Girls Day
Lancs Education Committee, Youth Service – Girls-a fair deal_July 1976
LCCYC – Girls -a fair deal, July 1976
LEC – Girls -a fair deal July 1976
Housing Campaign for Single People – Conference 1992
ECC Community Education Training & assoc docs – Developing Work
GWRU – Work Diary So Far for 1992