1. 100 Years of Girls Work Banner – 2011.  Jenny Wynn

Once manager at Moston Youth Centre, Jenny Wynn co-founded Manchester Girls Work Network.  Following the closure of Manchester Youth Service, Jenny toured round young women’s events and network events and asked young women and their youth workers to create a patch to contribute towards this banner, celebrating 100 years of girls work around the Greater Manchester area.

2. Friendship Flower – Stockport.  2003

This Friendship Flower was created by young women in the Stockport Young Women’s Forum.

3. Question Mark Banner – 2010.  Feminist Webs

This banner was jointly created by young women at various Feminist Webs events around Greater Manchester.  The theme of these events was “Body Image” and included young women talking about how they feel the media, and other people, affect their own body images.  This piece of artwork was created from those ideas and discussions, by 137 young women, and the artist Sarah Greaves

4. Section 28 Banner – 1988

This banner was created for the anti-Section 28 rally in Manchester, on February 20th 1988, where 20,000 people marched, (double the numbers that congregated in London).  Section 28 was a piece of homophobic legislation that made it illegal for local council’s to “promote homosexuality” and so had a lasting affect on school’s, LGBT education and awareness raising, despite the fact that nobody was ever prosecuted under the legislation.  Section 28 was finally over-turned in 2003.

5. Stockport Campaign Posters – 2002

Ten young women’s groups in Stockport chose an issue that they feel affected women and made a poster about it.  All of the posters were displayed at Stockport Art Gallery.  The issues identified by the young women were:  Mental Health, Drugs, Teenage Pregnancy, Crime, Bullying, Sexuality, Cyber Safety, Disability, Domestic Violence and Alcohol.

6. Laminated Pictures – Stockport

The use of positive women role-models has always been an integral part of positive feminist youth work with girls and young women.  Here is a selection of some of posters that the young women have created when thinking about famous women role models.