25. International Work Posters – Lancashire County Council Youth and Community Service

Here are some posters made by Youth workers in Lancashire who were passionate about providing young women with opportunities to learn about other women, and their rights throughout the world. This included running international trips, for example, to Berlin

26. 1936 Co-operative Women’s Guild Banner

This sash/ banner was found by Stockport Young Women’s Forum. It was made by the Cooperative Women’s Guild. In the box was a record of the members who helped make it. When youth workers Alison Steele and Janice Holder were running the Cheadle Young Women’s Group, many of the young women had the same surnames, so it was probably made by their grandparents or great grandparents. It was found in the back of a cupboard in a box in a bad state, inside its box. The dad of the youth worker, Alison Steele, lovingly bees-waxed the box to bring it back to its former glory as you can see from how it looks today

27. Speculum Ducks

Brook Manchester women volunteers made these ducks out of old speculums to raise awareness of the HPV virus and getting smear tests done.

28. Our global wishes for girls

These are the ideas and wishes we have for women all over the globe in particular reference to the work girls do in the clothing industry.

29. Votes for women

Young women at the People’s History Museum Made these reflecting on why the vote for women was so important

30. International Women’s day banner- 1996

In 1996 I was the borough wide Girls & Young Women’s worker for Stockport Youth Service and as a way of involving all the ‘girls groups’ in the town in International Women’s Day we decided to make a ‘banner’.  During this time in youth work, particularly in Stockport, the work with girls & young women was well resourced and supported by many.  As the worker I worked with other women workers who were responsible for a girls night within their youth centre and each girls group designed and made a piece of the banner. Each group was given a letter to form ‘International Women’s Day’. We held the celebration event at Hazel Grove Youth Centre on Sunday March 10th 1996 and all the girls groups came together with their individual piece – which was then sawn together forming the banner that was used for many years to come.  I took a photograph of the banner and had this designed into a postcard by the (then) famous Leeds Postcard Company – and this post card was used each year to promote the next event for International Women’s Day.

31. Item from Lancashire about the history of girls work