20. Beijing – 1995.  Pam Flynn

In 1995, Pam Flynn took a delegation of women to the Fourth World Conference on Women that was held in Beijing.

“Participants will assess how women’s lives have changed over the past decade and take steps to keep issues of concern to women high on the international agenda.”  UN Website

This display includes photographs and literature from the Conference and also letters offering donations to financially support the delegation’s trip.

21. International Women’s Day Photo Montage – Stockport

A selection of images from the Stockport Young Women’s Forum event for International Women’s Day.

22. Greenham Common – Feminist Webs Archive

In 1981, America planned to base cruise missiles at Greenham Common, in response, women from all over the country set up a peace camp in protest against this move.  All of the missiles were eventually moved in 1991, but someone women continued to protest for as long as 19 years.  This event was quite influential for a lot of women youth workers in the Eighties, many of whom visited the camp or knew women who camped there.

Here is a selection of photos and literature from the protest.

23. Awareness Raising Posters – Feminist Webs Archive

Here are a  selection of posters that would be commonly found in youth centres during the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. These were used to explore and give positive messages to young women, who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to know of, or explore any of these issues.

24. Women’s Self Defence Posters – 1990’s.  Kate Clements

These are a selection of posters designed by the Lancashire County Council Youth and Community Service, to explore women’s self defence in the widest sense including respect and solidarity.