13. Washing Line – St. Peter’s Youth (SPY).  Tameside

The Inspire Group at SPY, explored women and fashion as well as women and resilience with the artist Sarah Evans. They then made these super-powered women to inspire us.

If you could have a super-power just for women, what would it be?! Some women have already shared theirs, but feel free to contribute your own!

14. Women’s Histree – 2012. Young Women of Halton

“Our piece of work came about from a visit to the Feminist Webs event ‘The Carnival of Resilience.’ This was a chance for women of all ages to come together and look back throughout history and explore how women have become strong and resilient.

We took part in a range of inspiring activities and were asked to plan and create our own event and art piece to celebrate women’s resilience, including the resilience of women in our local community. We decided for our artwork to create a tree -using leaves made from clay that were inscribed with words that were meaningful, powerful and inspiring to women and described how women were strong.

These were made by local women of all ages from our local area and community – including our young women’s group, the vicar, councillors and residents.”

Thanks go to the artist Rachel Ramchurn. From: The Exciting Life of Being a Woman – A Handbook for Women and Girls.

15. In Your Face – Young Women of Brinnington

“The aim of this project was to raise awareness of domestic violence, celebrate being a woman and display art-work that the girls create, to convey the message that we all hide behind a mask.

The girls designed 48 masks in total that opened up as 3D books with another face (true feeling/image) beneath the mask. The girls also created 50 blank faces that the local community members designed.”

Thanks to Gill Corlett, the artist on the project. From:The Exciting Life of Being a Woman – A Handbook for Women and Girls.

16. Selection of Books – Feminist Webs Archive

Here is a selection of books taken from the Feminist Webs Archive. These were important in informing the positive practice of girls work and work with women during the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties.  The collection includes Our Bodies, Ourselves  – an important feminist text full of indispensible information about women’s health and sexuality.

17. What Women Want and Post Feminist Postcards – Feminist Webs Archive

Young women from Feminist Webs were inspired by the ‘What Women Want’ campaign, and so created their own version with the Post-Feminist project looking at Body Image and the Media.

At several Feminist Webs Events throughout the North West, young women from all backgrounds and areas created a Post Feminist postcard after a discussion about the media and how it affects their own body image; these were then all put together into this booklet.  Here is a selection from both collections. The idea post-feminist is because they are postcards and not because we think we have gone beyond feminism! Thanks to the artist Tamzin Forster

18. Items from the Feminist Webs Archive

The ‘Have a brew…’ cup is a celebration of 100 year’s of girl’s work created in dedication, by UK Youth, to Josephine MacAlister Brew who “made an enormous contribution to thinking about informal and social education in youth work during the 1940s and 50s.”  The Exciting Life of Being a Woman – A Handbook for Women and Girls.

Other items include t-shirts and badges designed for and by The Water Adventure Centre, contributed by Lilian Pons.