7. Young Parent’s Residential – 2005

This was created by young people who participated in a Young Parent’s Residential during the Summer of 2005.

8. Selection of Magazines and Reports

A selection of magazines and reports from the archive including:  Trouble and Strife, Women’s Review, WEA Women’s Studies, Every Woman, Manushi, Challenging Racism and CA7RA. Many women workers used these as inspiration. They would get their copy of Spare Rib or Working With Girls, read about a new idea or project, and the following day or week put the new idea into practice with their girl’s group. These resources also helped women think about the diversity of youth workers and young women, across class, race, sexual orientation and other differences.

(the ones you made for us in a file numbered 8 Selection of Magazines and Reports)

9. History of Feminist Webs Cartoons – Hebe Phillips.  2012

Cartoons created by Hebe Phillips for the Feminist Webs book, charting the story of feminist webs

10. Why Work Separately with Girls and Young Women? – Michelle Walmsley

Information from a report provided by Michelle Walmsley, justifying the need for separate work with girls and young women.

11. Girls Are and Girls Can Posters – 1990’s.  Kate Clements

Posters created by the Lancashire Girls Work Resource Unit about raising aspirations for young women.

(pics 11a,11b)

12. Wicker Heart – 2012.  Young Women’s Group

This is a piece of artwork created by young lesbian and bisexual women from the Young Women’s Group to share some women’s hidden ‘herstories’. Supported by Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester and the story teller Ruthie Boycott Garnett.

“History is something we refer to as a way to explore the past and record the present. However, parts of history seem to be sparse in content from women and about women.

We thought about how important HERSTORY is and we decided the life of the ‘invisible women’ was a story that must be told.”

from The Exciting Life of Being a Woman – A Handbook for Women and Girls.