fw_archive1The archive is both a physical resource, held at Manchester Metropolitan University and an online resource.

Here on the website we have a huge amount of downloadable resources, from session plans to audio interviews. Explore at your leisure and download items you want to use.

Download a FEMWEBS complete archive list updated OCT 14 2011 of the items held in the physical archive at Manchester University, email us if you want to visit or access any of the information.

Check out the Audio Archive here on the site, with 3 min bites of the audio interviews plus a full transcript of each of the interviews.

Reference: FWA
Feminist Webs Archive
The Feminist Webs Archive was set up in September 2008 by a group of young women, their female youth workers and allies.  The collection is ever-growing with contributions from older, feminist youth workers and consists of photographs, banners, leaflets, magazines, oral “her-stories” and various other documents that are related to feminist youth work with girls and young women.  The archive is made up of a physical collection, but also an online, digital collection.  The archive is currently organised into collections based on geographical areas.

Size/Type: Information currently unavailable.
Creator: Feminist Webs Group
Dates of Coverage: 1916-present
Place: National, with a focus on the North West of England.
Storage Location: Manchester Metropolitan University, Didsbury Campus
Access: Open
Rights: Information currently unavailable.
Language: English
Recorder: Niamh Moore
Date of Recording: 09/04/2010

What is in the Physical Archive?

We have a book shelf of books related to feminist youth work practise

We have a number of archive boxes which include the following:-

Manchester Collection (Lillian Pons and Alison Ronan MMU collection) – Brown Box Two
Lancashire Collections (Kate Clements and Michelle Walmsley) Collection – Brown Box Seven (Kate Clements), Brown Box Two ( Michelle Walmsley)
Wigan Collection (Marie Brookfield) Collection – Clear Box One
Stockport Collection (Alison Steele, Viv Whitaker) Collection – Clear Box Two
National Work Including National Girls Work Unit Collection – Clear Box Three
Spare Rib Collection – Brown Box One
Videos and Audio Tapes Collection  of Past Projects with Girls and Young Women, and Relevant Related Resources– Brown Box Three
Photographs Collection, (regional with a focus on Stockport)
Feminist webs project work- Viking box 1

Regional Girls Work Collection (Liz Harding)- Brown box 5 and Viking box 2

We also have a number of display items, pieces of art and banners that are also stored at the archive.