To buy a pack at £25 plus P&P, please email your name and address to stating which 3 Adventure Badges you would like in your pack (you will receive x8 badges per Adventure, total 24 badges).

Alternatively you can buy the pack through ebay

YWAC is a programme of work that girls and young women’s groups can follow, themed around 12 adventures.

The Adventures are: Arts, Volunteering, Sports, I.T., Food, Environment, Democracy, Rights, Event Management, Spirituality, Health, and International. The aim is to enhance quality of life for young women in England, by developing their social and political education. To find out more download the Young Women’s Adventure Club info sheet

The Young Women’s Adventure Club material is ace! Easy to plan, great to deliver, fun for the girls yet challenges stereotypes and makes girls think!

Rev Dawn Harrison, Guide Leader

The clubs network and development is currently run by a partnership of individual young women, youth clubs, voluntary sector organisations and volunteers. for more information contact Amelia on 0781 398 1338 or

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