Creativity and Cultural Expression

Women express their culture, as a key part of who they are, in lots of different ways every day. It’s in what we read, how we dress, what music we like, what food we eat or which traditions we follow – forms of creativity are endless and can be used with young women in lots of exciting and diverse ways!

Some of these include

· Recipes, designs and history

· Using mehendi/henna with young women.

· Creating a Mandela

Information about Mandalas can be found in a book called ‘the art of creative drawing’ which has templates inside it.

· Using inspirational quotes to inspire and generate discussion Motivational quotes

· Using a poem to inspire and as a tool to understand women’s experience Alice Walker poem


If you want to do an allotment project, have a look at liktbookletmay2011final the LIKT group created