Yes Matters say #ENOUGH

Protest against victim blaming and treatment of women.

Parliament Square, London April 15th 2015. From 1pm

On the 15th of April a protest will be held at Parliament Square to say we have had enough of these issues not being taken seriously as though they are unimportant. Victim blaming silences victims and enables perpitrators. This protest was started by Gemma Aitchison – founder of YES Matters after the murder of her sister Sasha Marsden. The protest will be held at Parliament Square from 1pm to symbolise the establishment who are there to serve it’s constituency yet failing over half of them.

Yes Matters are urging those who cannot attend the march to use the hashtag #ENOUGH and change their profile picture to their logo (pictured above!) on April 15th and fill social media with the message that we have had #enough of the lack of awareness around issues like child sexual exploitation, rape, fgm, murder..
For more information about the march email or see the facebook event here

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Creating our activist future…

A massive ‘Thank You’ to all who organised and attended the being watched event on saturday. It was full of lively debate, diversity and wonderful women who are helping change the world for the better. There was discussion about whether CCTV is a good or a bad thing, about facebook and privacy, about whether partners spy on one another (e.g. secretly looking at each other’s phones), and about taking the power back for ourselves, our own bodies and our own futures. speaker at the event

Being Watched Conference Saturday 14th March: Have you booked on yet?

Being Watched Conference
Saturday 14th March:
Have you booked on yet?

From mobile phones to social networking sites, technology has become part of the way we live our lives. Although there are many benefits to the way we may choose to communicate with each other and seek information, these exchanges are increasingly putting people at risk of being monitored, controlled, stalked or even abused.
Who is making the decisions about the privacy settings on Facebook and social media? What can we do about mass surveillance? Find out more about the difference it could make if more women were involved in Science Technology Engineering and Maths.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Looking to the future and speaking up and out about the past

We hope you’ve had a super year and are excited for the new one, we’d like to share with you a brand new video, made by us about the history of women and feminism in Manchester, and think about what rights women have now, compared with 2014. Young women discuss how easy it is to express anti-war opinions now on social media and a rare open letter, send over Christmas during WW1 from women of Britain to women in Germany and Austria!

You can give it a watch here and while you’re at it, here’s our first bulletin of 2015 :) here

Merry Christmas and happy breastfeeding

Hope you have a good Christmas, or if it brings hard times for you, then reach out and ask for help

Here is a little gift from us at Feminist Webs to wish you all a merry feministy Christmas! (Thanks to Mum’s net for the image!)

card showing three wise men saying to a breastfeeding mary - no need to be so ostentatious about it Mary, just sit in the corner

16 days of activism against violence against women: 25th November-10th December

Laws are changing, but are attitudes towards abuse shifting at all?

Just this week a new piece of legislation will come into power meaning that it will now be illegal for someone to exercise coercive control over their partner. Controlling their partner through threats or restricting personal or financial freedom. Despite the positive step, online articles about the new law were filled with vicious comments undermining the law as ‘man-hating women winning’ and ‘bet loads of men will get locked up just for having an opinion’. These sorts of comments alone are worrying but also they shed light on wider issues in our culture’s attitudes to non-physical abuse.
Over these 16 days in particular, and everyday for some of us we remember: Worldwide, up to 50 percent of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16, in the UK alone 131 women are known to have been killed by violent men so far this year this amounts to one woman every 2.5 days. We will not be derailed, we will fight and speak in solidarity for all survivors of abuse, regardless of gender but we will also remember that violence and abuse of women and girls is global, growing and going-nowhere unless we take action.

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Dapper Laughs: proper gross

When will ITV and other broadcasters wise up that rape jokes are not and never will be funny, and are the production teams and the management who help make misogynistic programmes also accountable? Lee Kern wrote an emotionally charged response to the newly commissioned ITV show ‘Dapper Laughs: On The Pull’

“If I could sum everything up in one go it would be this: We don’t work in an industry that is somehow separate from reality. What we do is not ‘just telly’. We are helping to shape the reality we live in. What we put on the screen has a real world effect. And this show contributes to a culture of abuse that degrades us all – men and women – boys and girls.”

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