Manchester Histories Festival and the Feminist Webs Archive present: Idle Chatter?

Idle Chatter? is three early evening events 5.30-7.30 about feminism- then and now!

Brooks Building , Bonsall St Manchester M15 6GX in Lecture Theatre 2

Tuesday 7th /Wednesday 8th /Thursday 9th June @5.30-7.30

Poets, song and film will frame these three short intergenerational discussions and dialogues about local feminist histories. There will be a chance to handle archive material and to ask questions! There is a café on site.

  • Tuesday June 7th Women’s Liberation Revisited:  A former member of the editorial collective of the Manchester Women’s Liberation Newsletter will discuss the ways in which Manchester feminists organised and worked together during the 1980s.  There will be a chance to look at the run of the Manchester Newsletter – the social media of its time!
  • Wednesday June 8th  Abasindi –‘we are born to survive’ Local activists remember the Black women co-operative whose Zulu name was chosen by its members as a tribute to the strength, resilience and competence of Black women in Moss side and the African diaspora in 1980s Manchester.
  • Thursday June 9th Radical Youth and Community Work in the 1980 and 90s- Girls’ work in Wigan and Lancashire. There was an influential and critical girls’ work movement in the 1980s and 1990s linked to the second wave of feminism. Youth and community workers discuss work with girls and young women then and now and the feminist issues that underpin the work.

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2016 plans

We have some exciting things in the pipeline for 2016, including:

- Three walking tours about women’s history in Manchester

- A new youth work resource pack exploring international young women’s lives

- Northern event for women youth workers about delivering high quality girl’s work

- Archive open days and developing the archive

If you are interested in volunteering on any of these projects, please get in touch feministwebs [at]

Feminist Webs wishes you all well at this festive time!

…and here’s a little cartoon to celebrate feminist-mas!

Safety is a two-way street

As the days get shorter and the nights darker, as well as wanting to wrap up warm, in the news we will start to hear stories and warnings about how dangerous it is for women to be out at night; how important it is that we protect ourselves and keep safe in groups. Year-round attacks happen to women and in the media, when sharing our experiences online and during conversations with people we care about we are always to blame in some way. Therefore, the theme of this month’s newsletter is safety and the many different ways the topic enters the lives of women.

How Can We Make It Stop? – Youth Street Harassment a short documentary exploring street/seuxal harassment from young women at the Hideaway Youth Project in Moss Side, Manchester.

“We have made this film to highlight a problem that we face everyday in our community and probably you face it in your community too. Cat-calling, hollering, hissing, come-ons, sexual harassment…call it what you want, it isn’t right; we have had enough. As young women we want to know, how can we make it stop?”

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News from June ft Sport England, The Parent Zone, Everyday Sexism and more…

Happy June everyone, I’ll start us off with  great quote from Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk about stories a few years ago:

“The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but they incomplete. They make one story become the only story”

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Women Who Spit

Vanessa Kisuule

This month, the BBC have a special series of short films about young women poets called ‘Women Who Spit’, here’s a video from one of the programs, watch the rest  here

“Take up space, don’t wait for permission or approval, don’t let ghostly question marks form the ends of your sentences, you don’t always have to be the one laughing at jokes, you can make them too”

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By Hebe (Editor)

Yes Matters say #ENOUGH

Protest against victim blaming and treatment of women.

Parliament Square, London April 15th 2015. From 1pm

On the 15th of April a protest will be held at Parliament Square to say we have had enough of these issues not being taken seriously as though they are unimportant. Victim blaming silences victims and enables perpitrators. This protest was started by Gemma Aitchison – founder of YES Matters after the murder of her sister Sasha Marsden. The protest will be held at Parliament Square from 1pm to symbolise the establishment who are there to serve it’s constituency yet failing over half of them.

Yes Matters are urging those who cannot attend the march to use the hashtag #ENOUGH and change their profile picture to their logo (pictured above!) on April 15th and fill social media with the message that we have had #enough of the lack of awareness around issues like child sexual exploitation, rape, fgm, murder..
For more information about the march email or see the facebook event here

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