How does the media represent women and how do we represent ourselves?

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Bring Back Our Girls

With Girls in the spotlight this month, from the horrific kidnapping in Nigeria to sexist comments from the F.A. …looks like it’s time to digest this months news bulletin

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Over half of young lesbian and bisexual women unhappy most of the time

The Sheena Amos Youth Trust (SAYiT) has just released their preliminary findings about the needs of lesbian and bisexual women, based on the criteria developed by the Girl Guides national survey team. The survey questions look at:

  • Online abuse
  • Social media habits
  • Online behaviour
  • Society and culture
  • Sex and relationships education
  • Girls and women in society
  • Careers
  • Financial Management
  • Girls’ only space

Their survey shows 60% of young women are unhappy with their appearance, 53% do not feel happy most of the time, and 20% have given their details to strangers on the internet. 67% of young lesbian and bisexual women are skipping meals to lose weight, and 40% would consider cosmetic surgery. 73% felt that sexism impacts on most areas of their lives.

To be happy with their lives, young women said that they needed:

“More feminist role models”
“More female role models and acceptance”
“Job/career that makes you happy and that you enjoy. Be loved”
“Self belief”
“Qualities, skills, values, education”
“A loving family”
“A job you enjoy”
“Family and frieds and a good job to feel secure and not dependent on anyone”
“Be attractive. In a band. Be good”
“To stop worrying”
“I strive to find a way to balance practical needs and my happiness. I would rather live modestly doing something I enjoy than make a good living but not enjoy my work. Travel is also important to me”
“Money. Equality”

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Women to Watch Out For 2014

Gloria-De-PieroThe Telegraph has produced this interesting article about women to watch out for in politics in 2014. It might be a good conversation starter with young women in your youth group. Of note is the international and racial mix of women who seem to be making waves- exciting times!